050611. Me and my barkada met up for dinner and photo shoot at Alabang Town Center. We study in different schools now so it’s a hard time to meet each other will the different schedules and priorities. I missed out a lot on their lives and it’s the first time I got to meet them after about a year or so. One of my good friends,Marinel Belaong is a photographer of The Picture Company and we were able to get a free photo shoot but the barkada wasn’t complete at that time yet. As usual, FILIPINO TIME! We had dinner at the Gerry’s Grill. There’s so many food but they’re not much appetizing. Maybe I just get to eat at Gerry’s that the food doesn’t surprise me so much anymore. One dish I extremely loved and was my first time to try there was the grilled squid. It tastes really good and it’s not hard to chew and swallow unlike most squids are. Two thumbs up for the grilled squid—and oh, two hands down for my awesome friends! J